Board & Staff


Executive Committee

  • Michele L. Ahwash (President)
  • Kimberly Williams (Vice President)
  • Heather DeHeer (Secretary)
  • Susan J. Keiser (Treasurer)


  • David A. Anderson 
  • Stephanie Barry 
  • Pamela C. Biddle 
  • Jill Floore 
  • Edward F. Fronczkowski 
  • Margaret M. Wiebe
  • Alisa Graves 
  • Kim Herrman
  • Drew W. Hoffman 
  • Carol D. Wilson
  • Dan H. Brooks
  • Nello Paoli
  • Lisa Schlosser
  • Aaron M. Shapiro 
  • Tami Soltow 
  • Susan P. Terranova 
  • Jack Walsh

Board Chair Emeritus

  • Daniel E. Cruce

Board Member Emeritus

  • Carla V. Andrews
  • Donald L. Gouge, Jr.
  • Dawn Shore

Honorary Board Members

  • Tatiana & Gerret Van S. Copeland
  • Linda Bariglio


Patrick J Carroll Executive Director Humane Animal Partners

Patrick j. Carroll

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Sylke Lohmann

Director of Surgery

Dr. Elissa Green

Director of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Sara Jastrebski

Shelter Veterinarian

Liz Pashley

Director of Operations

Courtney Anderson

Director of Animal Welfare

Leigh McKinley

Director, Sussex County

Kate Callihan

Director of Philanthropy

Brianna Hansen Marketing & Development Manager Humane Animal Partners

Brianna Hansen

Marketing & Development Manager

dawn shore

Director of Finance

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