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Humane Animal Partners welcomes the opportunity to partner with companies that have an interest in supporting our lifesaving mission. There are many opportunities to collaborate and tailor partnerships toward company-specific interests. Whether your company wishes to volunteer, sponsor a specific event, provide matching gift opportunities for employees, or donate monetarily to Humane Animal Partners, all support is encouraged and appreciated.

Businesses that contribute at least $1,000 annually are included in our Portfolio of Partners, Humane Animal Partners’ group of generous business supporters.

When you join our Portfolio of Partners, your business gains more visibility in the community, is offered strong cause-related advertising opportunities, has its company’s image enhanced, and is included in events.

Please contact Kate Callihan at or call (302) 440-3113 if your business is interested in partnering with Humane Animal Partners.

To our existing partners, thank you for making a difference in the lives of thousands of animals and families in our community!

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